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Success Stories

Watch and learn about the procedure experience and positive outcomes of balloon sinus dilation, from both patients and healthcare providers.


A better life from day 1

Sinus congestion and headaches stood in the way of Vernon’s ability to enjoy time with his family and to be effective at work. Then he heard about balloon sinus dilation, the treatment that gave him back his quality of life. (5 Videos)

Restful and refreshed

Karen’s sinus issues made it difficult for her to breathe and sleep at night. Unwilling to deal with the side effects of sinus medications any longer, Karen pursued balloon sinus dilation and put her sinus issues to bed once and for all.
(3 Videos)

Reviving the senses

After losing her sense of smell and taste, everyday activities like going out to dinner were no longer enjoyable. Fortunately, that all changed after Mary Ann had the balloon sinus dilation procedure. (1 Video)

Breaking the cycle

Cynthia endured an endless cycle of sinus infections, with sinus medication providing only temporary relief. But after balloon sinus dilation, Cynthia saw her life change overnight. (3 Videos)