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Pediatric Balloon Sinus Dilation

Tired of seeing your child suffer from sinusitis?

What is sinusitis?

Does your child suffer from a persistent or frequent stuffy nose, nasal blockage, facial pressure or pain? These are typical symptoms of sinusitis,1 an inflammation or swelling of the sinus lining and drainage pathways, which can lead to poor or blocked sinus drainage.

Types of Sinusitis

Acute (one episone): Sinusitis symptoms resolve in four weeks or less

Recurrent (multiple episodes our outbreaks in a year): Four or more acute sinusitis outbreaks in a single calendar year. Periods of relief are followed by another breakout.

Chronic (sustained outbreak lasting 12+ weeks): Symptoms last for more than 12 weeks. Severity of symptoms may change, but will not completely resolve

Your child's treatment options

Your doctor may prescribe medications and/or saline rinses to treat your child's sinus infections. If managing your child's symptoms with ongoing rounds of medication is not working, your doctor may recommend balloon sinus dilation or sinus surgery.

Potential Treatment Options Acute Recurrent Chronic
Medical Therapy Yes Yes Yes
Balloon Sinus Dilation No Yes Yes
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery No Yes Yes

Is balloon sinus dilation safe and

The latest Entellus clinical study explored using balloon sinus dilation to treat pediatric sinusitis sufferers, age 2 to 21. The study results showed 0 complications in 50 patients treated, and 92% of sufferers experienced clinically meaningful symptom improvement at 6 months.2 You can have peace of mind knowing this safe procedure may help stop your child’s suffering and give your child their life back.


Father's Perspective

Chronic sinusitis can cause a toll across a family, especially when the sufferer is your child. A father shares the story of his five year old daughter, and how balloon sinus dilation changed their lives.


Patient Perspective

A teenage boy and his father reflect on the son's experience with sinusitis and balloon sinus dilation, and the impact it had on the boy's quality of life.