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Recurrent Sinusitis

Symptoms come and go on a regular basis?

Do your sinus infections feel like a broken record?

Do you feel trapped in a cycle of sinus infection, followed by prescription or over-the-counter medication? If so, you may suffer from recurrent sinusitis. This condition can take a significant toll on your quality of life, affecting your work, sleep patterns and social life.

While antibiotics can resolve symptoms for many patients, recurrent sinusitis sufferers still experience frequent outbreaks — four or more times per year. Medical management can address immediate symptoms, but the narrowed drainage pathways remain, increasing the chances for future blockage.

Signs and symptoms

Repeated episodes each lasting 10+ days of pain, pressure and headaches from clogged sinuses

A need for antibiotic, decongestant or antihistamine treatments four or more times a year

Discolored nasal drainage
Sinuses are irritated by allergies
Reduced sense of smell and taste

Break the Cycle

In the past, recurrent sinusitis sufferers were largely restricted to medical management to treat their individual outbreaks. Now, there's a proven alternative: balloon sinus dilation. This quick, in-office procedure opens up the pathways and restores drainage, not only addressing the symptoms, but changing the anatomy that can contribute to repeat outbreaks.

Balloon sinus dilation

Patient Perspective: Breaking the Cycle

Medication not helping? Learn how Cynthia escaped an endless cycle of sinus infections.