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Other Sinus Conditions

Frequent flyer and can't escape the symptoms?

Have you ruled out chronic, recurrent or acute sinusitis as the cause of your symptoms? You may be suffering from one of the following conditions:

Sinus headache

If you have sinus headaches (or sinogenic headaches), you may suffer with or without sinusitis symptoms. Some believe this pain is the result of mucosal contact points within the nasal cavity. Others argue that the presence or non-presence of mucosal contact points and facial pain is unrelated. Either way, patients suffering with persistent or recurring sinus headaches should discuss treatment options with their doctor.


Barosinusitis symptoms include sudden facial pain or pressure, congestion, and, in some cases, a nose bleed. Like sinusitis, barosinusitis involves the inflammation or swelling of the lining of one or more sinuses. The cause of swelling is a change in air pressure, which occurs when flying, scuba diving, or traveling through high-altitude areas. If you're in a profession that requires frequent air travel, barosinusitis can be especially debilitating.

Typically, barosinusitis is diagnosed based on a patient interview and elimination of other alternatives. Physical evidence, such as thickening of the nasal lining, can be confirmed with CT scans. Initial treatment is medication therapy, including non-aspirin based painkillers, decongestants, and antibiotics. For those who suffer from frequent episodes, surgery may be an option.

Explore your options

More direct treatment options may be appropriate for those who do not respond to medical management and whose symptoms persist for 12 or more weeks, or for those who suffer through four or more cycles of sinusitis annually.

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