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Acute Sinusitis

Has your cold taken a turn for the worse?

Has your cold taken a turn for the worse?

Did your common cold recently turn into a sinus infection? You may be suffering from acute sinusitis. Triggers may include bacteria from a virus or cold, inflammation from allergies, environmental factors or anatomical irregularities.

If you have this condition, the first line of treatment is typically medical management with antibiotics or decongestants. Some sufferers adopt a course of self-medication, using home remedies such as a neti pot.

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms lasting a week to 10 days

Sinus pain & pressure

Nasal blockage or congestion
Discolored nasal drainage
Reduced sense of smell and taste

Find the right treatment

Other treatment options may be appropriate for those who do not respond to medical management and whose symptoms persist for 12 or more weeks, or for those who suffer through four or more repeat cycles of sinusitis annually.

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