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Quick Self-Assessment

Respond to the following 10 yes/no statements for your results

I have persistent facial pressure and pain.

(lasting 10+ days)

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I have on-going congestion or stuffy nose.

(lasting 10+ days)

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I have headache pain.

(lasting 10+ days)

You have 7 questions left

I get pain in my upper teeth.

(lasting 10+ days)

You have 6 questions left

I have low-grade fevers.

(lasting 10+ days)

You have 5 questions left

I suffer from bad breath that doesn’t go away.

(lasting 10+ days)

You have 4 questions left

I have thick, yellow-green nasal discharge.

(lasting 10+ days)

You have 3 questions left

I have experienced these symptoms for 12 or more consecutive weeks.

You have 2 questions left

I have had these symptoms for 10+ days four or more times in the last 12 months.

(with periods of no symptoms)

You have 1 questions left

I’ve tried medication treatments and home remedies without success.

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