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Study confirms that sinusitis greatly reduces quality of life

03/16/2015 by Entellus Staff

Sinusitis has reduced the quality of life for millions of Americans, according to a July 2014 Qualtrics survey. Key findings from the study include:

  • 33 percent of sinusitis sufferers are spending $250-$1,000 annually on over-the-counter treatments, physician consultations and co-pays to treat their symptoms.
  • 34 percent feel their work activities and performance have been significantly impacted, with frequently missed days of work. 
  • More than 35 percent note their leisure activities have been negatively impacted.
  • 36 percent say their sex life has also suffered.

The survey results came from an anonymous sample of more than 520 people between the ages of 25-90 in the U.S., who have experienced a sinusitis episode in the last year. The participants are among 37 million people who suffer from sinusitis annually, with symptoms including facial and teeth pain, headaches, fatigue, sore throat and bad breath.

This comprehensive study helps to confirm the negative impacts of chronic sinusitis on quality of life, says Dr. Nadim Bikhazi, a nationally recognized ENT specialist with the Ogden Clinic. "If you're suffering from sinusitis, now is the time to end your downward spiral by seeking the appropriate treatment to change your life," says Dr. Bikhazi.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans who suffer from sinusitis each year fail to get relief even after several attempts at medical therapy, adds Brian Farley, Executive Chairman of Entellus Medical. "Fortunately, balloon sinus dilation is now available to these patients. And because treatment can be done in the doctor's office, the approach requires less cost to the patient—and to the healthcare system."