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Proven success across six studies

10/13/2015 by entellusadmin

According to a comprehensive new study, balloon dilation is a far less invasive option than traditional sinus surgery for treating symptoms of chronic and recurrent sinusitis. But beyond the initial recovery time, what are the long-term results?

That’s exactly what the researchers behind the study intended to find out. As part of their research, some of the nation’s leading otolaryngology experts conducted a meta-analysis of six studies exploring balloon dilation outcomes.

Altogether, the analysis compared results from 358 standalone balloon dilation patients with up to 24 months follow-up. Key outcomes from the meta-analysis include:

  • 97.5% overall success rate of balloon dilation, across all six studies
  • Significant, clinically meaningful, and durable symptom improvement
  • Quick recovery time of 1.4 days on average
  • Procedural pain averaged 2.6 out of 10 (0 equals no pain)
  • Major improvements in work/social activities and healthcare utilization

“[The meta-analysis] brought together our balloon sinus dilation patients into one data set, and demonstrated remarkable consistency in positive, long-term outcomes,” says Bob White, president and CEO of Entellus Medical.

These positive outcomes are consistent among patients with both chronic and recurrent acute sinusitis, as well as those with and without ethmoid disease.

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