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10/13/2015 by entellusadmin

The national buzz is building for balloon sinus dilation. Check out the latest coverage on this innovative solution for sinus problems, from media outlets across the country.

Balloon dilation of the sinuses: A less invasive option

Featured Physician: Dr. Theodore Truitt, Minneapolis, MN

As we focus more on the cost of care, we need to be open to new cost-effective and less invasive treatments for sinusitus, such as balloon dilation. Learn more in this in-depth column from Minnesota Physician magazine. read more

Tiny balloon is huge advance in sinus treatment

Featured Physician: Dr. Charles Mann, Raleigh, NC

Cutting and slicing are no longer the only procedural choice for clearing stubborn sinuses. The same sort of balloon technology used by heart surgeons to open blocked cardiac arteries is now being applied to sinus passages. Read the story in BOOM! Magazine. read more

Dr. Andy Wells discusses treating chronic sinusitis

Featured Physician: Dr. Andy Wells, Augusta, GA

Dr. Andy Wells uses a minimally invasive office procedure that takes about 20 minutes under a local anesthetic. Most patients experience immediate relief from chronic sinusitus, returning to full normal activities within 48 hours. Watch the segment on WJBF-TV. read more

Your Healthy Family: Sinus infection relief

Featured Physician: Dr. Barton Knox, Colorado Springs, CO

Technology is helping give folks relief in a less invasive procedure called balloon sinus dilation. "Patients will tell you that pretty much immediately they feel better," says Dr. Bart Knox in this news story from KOAA-TV. read more

In-office sinus procedure provides relief for long-suffering patients

Featured Physician: Dr. Andy Wells, Augusta, GA

For millions of people, occasional sinus congestion is an unpleasant fact of life. But for some, that misery can feel like it’s never-ending. Watch this segment from WJBF-TV to learn how balloon sinus dilation is helping patients find relief. read more

Balloon dilation offers relief for sinusitus

Featured Physician: Dr. Adam Abram, Harrisburg, PA

Dr. Adam Abram offers in-office balloon sinus dilatation to help his clients deal with chronic sinusitis. The tool he uses goes into the sinus cavity and is then expanded to widen the area. Read more in The Sentinel. read more

Tiny balloon offers huge relief for chronic sinusitis

Featured Physician: Dr. Frederick Pugliano, St. Louis, MO

New medical technology has provided a better choice for many patients than the operating room. Balloon sinus dilation is a minimally invasive office procedure that can painlessly and durably relieve the miserable symptoms of sinusitis in less than an hour. read more