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I have persistent facial pressure and pain.

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I have headache pain.

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I get pain in my upper teeth.

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I have thick, yellow-green nasal discharge.

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I’ve tried medication treatments and home remedies without success.

Sick of sinus pain and pressure? Get instant, lasting relief from sinusitis

You don’t have to live with sinus problems

If you suffer from chronic or recurrent sinus infections, balloon sinus dilation may be the solution you need. Compare treatment options to determine your best course of action.

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The results speak for themselves

A one-year clinical study shows balloon sinus dilation is as effective as traditional sinus surgery in delivering long-term symptom relief, and with a 70 percent faster recovery time.1

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News & Insights

Father's Perspective

December 2015

Chronic sinusitis can cause a toll across a family, especially when the sufferer is your child. A father shares the story of his five year old daughter, and how balloon sinus dilation changed their lives.

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